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I’ve attended two workshops

The first workshop was entitled “Advanced Arabic Computational Linguistics and its Applications”, which was introduced by the leading Arabic computational linguistic Prof. Nabil Ali. The workshop was held at Princess Nourah University for 6 days for a total of 30 … Continue reading

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A great text book for understanding Distributional Semantics

Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing, by Chris Manning and Hinrich Schütze, published by the MIT Press. Cambridge, 1999. If you are interested in Distributional Semantics, I think this book will be a great start for you. Here is the … Continue reading

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Bridging the gap between Quranic Scholars and Computational Linguistics

I’m participating in a conversation about how can Computational Linguistics help in understanding the Holy Quran at the People of The Tafseer Forum. This forum groups many Quranic scholars and researchers from all over the world, and it is mainly … Continue reading

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